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E-Learning Course Catalog

Please find our catalog of E-Learning courses that are currently available for purchase below. Note that members must be signed in to their member account in order to purchase at the member rate. 

Understanding & Investigating Management Fraud (Part I) - 8 CREDITS FOR CFEs
1.   Red Flags of Management Fraud
2.  The Psychology of Fraud I - Personality of the Management Fraudster
3.  The Psychology of Fraud II - Personality of the Management Fraudster
4.  Common Management Fraud Schemes:  Financial Statement Fraud to Corruption and Beyond

Understanding & Investigating Management Fraud (Part II) SOON TO BE RELEASED
1.  Interviewing the Management Fraudster - "The smartest guy in the room"
2.  Investigating Management Fraud - Understanding how to investigate these schemes
3.  Anti-money laundering and know your customer issues
4.  Case Studies in Management Fraud - Investigate along with us - real cases & real documents

Earn 1 CPD Credit and Learn About:

1.  The Cyber Situation PRIOR to COVID-19
2.  The Cyber Situation NOW
3.  The six basic steps you can take to practice cyber-smartness.

 The Anatomy of an Investigation:  E-Learning Report Writing (Part 2) - SOON TO BE RELEASED
   1.  What Must Be Included
   2.  How to Use the Report

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