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  • Avoid Fraud by Staying Cyber-Smart: A Deeper Dive (2 CPE)

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Avoid Fraud by Staying Cyber-Smart: A Deeper Dive (2 CPE)

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AGENDA 1. The "Cyber" Situation in 2020. - The Bigger Picture with respect to the Internet - The Dawn of 2020 - A Review of Some Basic Habits To Help Stay Somewhat Safe 2. Understanding Some Key Concepts - Privacy, Security, Anonymity - Encryption, Hashing, Salting - Cookies, Digital Fingerprinting 3. Taking "Cyber Smart" to the next level: - Better Email Services - Understanding Keystroke Loggers - Better Internet Browsing and Some Extensions to Help - Should I Use a Proxy Server or Virtual Private Network? - Keeping Safe when using Public Wi-Fi - Installing a Firewall on Apple Devices - Understanding Modems & Routers and How to Best Secure Your Router - Be aware of "Stalkerware" and what to do - Two Resourceful Websites

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