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Making The Plan & Use of Documents (1 CPE)

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Part I: Making the Plan This seminar discusses the steps to planning an investigation, which is an essential process for success. Often investigations will start without preparation and planning which can lead to inadequate results. This section will review how to begin addressing the appropriate length of an investigation by identifying the complexity of the project. Specific plan styles such as operational planning and strategic planning will be defined along with tracking methods to assure the investigator is achieving their objectives. Aligning a plan and investigation within the contexts of business objectives will benefit the investigator which the instructors will provide guidance on how to balance this accordingly. Terms and definitions are coupled with real-life practical examples of how investigations are planned and further conducted. How to Identifying the type of investigation required will be discussed which includes different resources that may be needed and certain challenges that may arise that would not have been foreseen without a robust plan. Part II: Documents This seminar discusses search of documents during an investigation. It reviews the important steps to follow prior to searching documents and while doing so; the importance of being organized from the very beginning and understand what you are looking for. What is your role, responsibilities and the legal context of the search (civil vs criminal; warrant vs consent, etc.) It discusses the essential role of recording the search and the use of Major Case Management in some instances.

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