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Think Like a Forensic Accountant - Session 1 (4 CPE)

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Understanding Hidden Impacts of Fraud Everyone needs a reminder about fraud and fraud case. Who are the likely culprits? What are the common schemes? How do clients (victims) often react? What can we learn from whistleblowers? We will set the stage for the entire conference by starting with great stories and a reminder why the basics are the foundation of every successful fraud investigation. Think Like a Forensic Accountant Professional Skepticism. What does it REALLY mean? It’s a requirement under most professional standards, but how does one “practice” it? In this course, we will use examples of actual documents and verbatim interactions that helped this forensic accountant turn otherwise ordinary “internal control review” engagements into fraud examinations uncovering losses in the millions. Plan for Success We will discuss the importance of setting intentions in every professional interaction and the keys to a successful investigation every single time.

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