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Health Fraud - Recognize It, Report It, Stop It (with OPP Detective Staff Sergeant Dorian Dwyer)

  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • RCMI, 426 University Avenue, Toronto ON M5G 1S9


·         Background of OPP Unit

·         Public Health Care - Fraud Types and Cases Studies

·         Private Health Care Fraud

·         Case examples – Insurance Co’s

·         The Impact of Public and Private Health Care

·         Recognize It, Report It, Stop It

THE PRESENTER   Dorian Dwyer - Detective Staff Sergeant | Unit Commander, Ontario Provincial Police. 
Detective Staff Sergeant Dorian Dwyer has been an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer for 31 years and has been a member of the Anti-Rackets Branch of the OPP for over 13 years. He joined the OPP in 1985 and worked as a uniform officer in a variety of capacities and locations for 17 years before his transfer to Anti-Rackets Branch in 2003.

Since 2008 he has worked in the Health Fraud Investigations Unit of Anti-Rackets Branch and in 2014 became the Commander of that Unit.  During his tenure in Anti-Rackets Branch he has investigated and/or case managed many major economic crime offences, corruption cases, and health fraud cases involving millions of dollars in losses. Detective Staff Sergeant Dwyer also spent 18 months seconded to the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET).

Detective Staff Sergeant Dwyer graduated from the Law and Security program at Conestoga College in 1984 and in 2011 completed his B.Sc. in Criminal Justice, Economic Crime Investigation, with Syracuse University. In 2011, he became a Certified Fraud Examiner with the ACFE.

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