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Investigation & Resilience in a Changing Digital World (8.0 CPE)

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • VIRTUAL by Zoom **OR** In-Person at BMO-IFL, Pharmacy Ave, Toronto


  • Includes free parking, continental breakfast, break snacks, & full lunch in BMO Dining Room
  • Contact to register...In-Person is $300 per person and Virtual is $150 per person for three or more.
  • Includes free parking, continental breakfast, break snacks, & full lunch in BMO Dining Room
  • Contact to register...In-Person is $350 per person and Virtual is $200 per person for three or more.
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  • We confirm the email address.

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In-Person registrations are now closed.

You may still register to attend Virtual by Zoom

The internet and the content held within change at a faster rate than ever before.  New applications, legal ramifications, restricted access, AI, bots, fake accounts and just too much data are all issues today’s investigators need to navigate.  Now let’s do it without leaving a footprint, legally, defendable, and properly documented. A Participant Workbook will be provided to help you capture your learning.

This day of training will address some simple and often forgotten resources, addressing proper search protocols, sifting through everything, and separating fiction from fact.  We will explore:

  • Practical Application: Participants will learn the details of an actual investigation at the beginning of the day, and then if time permits, will participate in the conduct of a live investigation process for a typical file utilizing resources below.
  • Search engines, know-how, and short-cuts (e.g., Google alerts, Google dorking, Google Lens, Historical Google Street View, etc.)
  • Researcher to see but not be seen (e.g., cookies, digital fingerprinting, social media sites, website analytics, keystroke analysis, mouse movements, motion sensing, GPS tracking, etc.)
  • How to protect yourself online (e.g., sock puppets, user agent spoofing, anti-digital fingerprinting tools, etc.)
  • Current state of social media, what's available and how to access (e.g., changes to Twitter's API, Twitter alternatives, dynamic page loads in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and how to capture, Facebook & Instagram combining forces, TikTok privacy issues, Hunchly, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven problems & deep fakes (e.g., good and bad AI tools, deep fake examples, AI comparison tests, etc.)
  • Dark web (e.g., refresher of different web states, overview of onion sites, different access tools, unobfuscating users, etc.)
  • Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering (e.g., PimEyes, GEOINT, etc.)

Register Today!

Registration for the In-Person option includes free parking at BMO-IFL, free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, snacks, and the IFL world-famous Luncheon Buffet.
**SPACE IS LIMITED for the In-Person Option. Register early.**
There are NO limits on the number of virtual attendees.

Keith Elliott is the President & CEO of Reed Research, which provides comprehensive investigative reports with actionable intelligence since 1995 through an extensive network of local and global associations and affiliates. Keith has been a licensed Private Investigator since 1991and currently oversees the daily operations of the Reed Research's development and is the primary point of contact for many clients. He is a Law & Security Administration - Honours graduate, and holds additional diplomas in Private Investigations, Advanced Interview Techniques, and Close Protective Services. Keith's experiences are varied, dealing with Property and Casualty, Criminal and Life and Health insurance investigations across Canada and internationally. He is a Certified International Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

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